Fishing Lodge and Cabins

Situated at 4500 ft above sea level at the south end of Hihium Lake, it seems as though you can reach up and touch the clouds.

Hihium Lake is a very special place that you can only explain after spend some time there. Once you have experienced it, you will go back again and again. Everyone does.

Sky Hi Lodge Fishing Resort is the perfect way to experience it. Located at the South end of Hihium Lake, Sky Hi Lodge provides you with peace and quiet that you cannot find practically anywhere.

We have 10 cabins (occupancy of 4-10 people per cabin) for you to choose from. Feel free to call us for reservations as well as information about boat, motor and gear rental options available at the lodge. During the season we tend to sell out fast, it is advised that you reserve the dates of your planned stay in advance. You can click on each of the 3 types of cabins to see the cabins information and picture gallery, or fill out the tentative reservation information request form below or call us at (604) 537-3099.



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