Discovering Cache Creek: The Ultimate Guide to Lake Fishing Cabins & More

Cache Creek stands proudly in the lap of nature and on the banks of the serene Bonaparte River, enveloped by tales of mystery, history, and impeccable natural beauty. A stopover that has evolved into a favorite destination, Cache Creek mesmerizes its visitors with a blend of the old-world charm of the Gold Rush era and contemporary indulgences.

A Peek into Cache Creek’s Mysterious Origins

It’s no secret that Cache Creek’s prominence soared during the 1860s Gold Rush. But the intriguing tales behind its naming remain a part of the town’s allure. While some believe the name was conceived during the fur trade times, when valuable supplies were “cached” or hidden, others think a stagecoach robbery left its mark on the town’s nomenclature. Whatever the true story, the idea of an undiscovered treasure elevates Cache Creek’s intrigue for every visitor.

Things To Do

When in Cache Creek, there’s no room for monotony. The town is dotted with numerous attractions ensuring a wholesome experience.

Sky Hi Lodge at Hihium Lake: A fisherman’s paradise, Hihium Lake, meaning “Mother of all Fish,” offers an unmatched fishing experience. Stay at the Sky Hi Lodge to bask in spectacular views, unrivaled hospitality, and the promise of a great catch.

Hihium Lake, often described as an unparalleled haven, is a gem that stands unparalleled. Those who have been lucky enough to experience its charm can vouch for its distinctiveness. And while the Hihium Lake Trout Fishing is one of its major highlights, the experience is so much more profound. The tranquility of the lake, the ripples of water echoing the stories of time, and the serenity of nature combine to offer a truly ethereal experience.

Horsting’s Farm Market: Experience the rural essence at Horsting’s Farm Market. Whether it’s indulging in fresh bakes, picking the freshest produce, or relaxing with an ice cream, this place offers a slice of pastoral bliss.

Marble Canyon Provincial Park: A retreat for the soul, Marble Canyon with its unique geological beauty is a nature enthusiast’s dream. The white limestone canyon, the majestic Chimney Rock, and the mesmerizing waterfall are just a few of the park’s treasures.

Historic Hat Creek Ranch: Travel back in time and relive the Gold Rush era. Experience history through guided tours, daily demonstrations, gold panning, and much more.

Gold Country Geotourism: Blend your love for history and adventure by embarking on a treasure hunt in Cache Creek, uncovering hidden stories and secrets of the yesteryears.

Cache Creek Visitors Information Centre: Stretch those legs, gather intel on local attractions, and steep yourself in Cache Creek’s historical significance, all under one roof.

Dining in Cache Creek

Cache Creek tantalizes not just the eyes but also the taste buds. The town offers an array of culinary experiences, from homestyle comfort food to fresh farm produce.

  1. Anie’s Pizza & Bakery: Located at 1206 Cariboo Hwy 97, this is your go-to place for a gastronomical delight.
  2. Husky House Restaurant: For a quick, hearty meal, visit 959 Trans Canada Highway.
  3. Horstings Farm Market: A unique dining experience awaits at 2540 Cariboo Highway #97, combining fresh produce with picturesque views.
  4. Cheryl’s Place Restaurant: Relish a nostalgic dining experience at 324 Cariboo Hwy.
  5. Desert Hills Ranch Farm Market: For a Mexican feast, head to 2520 Cariboo Hwy and savor the freshest tacos in town.


Our Lodge – Home to Memories and Moments

Sitting by the pristine waters of Hihium Lake is the Sky Hi Lodge. A place that’s not just a stay but a story. It’s intriguing how the lodge, a staple of the area for over three decades, has a legacy of turning guests into family. Some have found solace in its embrace for over 30 years. The current owners, once guests themselves, were so smitten that they ended up buying the place. Such is the magic!

The lodge isn’t merely about lodging. It promises world-class fishing experiences. Whether you’re a beginner finding your way around the reel or an expert fisherman who knows his trout, Hihium Lake caters to all. And the highlight? It’s not just the mighty Kamloops Rainbow trout that’s the lure; it’s the guarantee that everyone, irrespective of their expertise, will catch fish. Now, imagine yourself by the lake, casting dry flies, the sun setting behind, and the melodic call of the loons in the backdrop. These moments aren’t just moments; they become memories, ones that tide you over till your next visit.

Boats, Motors, and More

But it’s not just about the serene surroundings. Bruce and his dedicated team at the lodge ensure you have everything for an unforgettable vacation. From the best boats and motors to insider tips on fishing, they’ve got you covered. Their commitment? Every guest should leave with memories that last a lifetime.

Reconnect, Rediscover, Recharge

 Hihium Lake is an oasis of calm in a world of chaos. It offers a much-needed break from the rat race, allowing guests to disconnect and recharge. The incredible wildlife, breathtaking scenery, and serenity make it nature’s very own retreat. Every sunrise feels more beautiful at 4500 feet above sea level, where clouds feel like a touch away, offering an unparalleled mountain-top experience.

And as every day at the lake turns into night, and every trip turns into a memory, there remains a constant – the warmth and hospitality of Sky Hi Lodge. A place where every stay feels like coming home, where every guest turns into family, and where every goodbye promises another hello. Come and experience Hihium Lake at Sky Hi Lodge, and discover the many reasons you’ll want to keep coming back, year after year.


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