The Ultimate First-Time Fishing Experience at Hihium Lake

Have you been dreaming of experiencing a fun and relaxing fishing trip? Hihium Lake’s fishing season is between May and October due to the high water elevation. As with most things in life, there is a silver lining. Even during the hot summer months when other lakes may experience a lull in fishing, Hihium remains productive thanks to its underwater springs and cooler temperatures in the evenings. More good news – boat rental at Hihium Lake is an easy process with Ski Hi Lodge. In July and August, dry fly fishing with Sedge patterns can be exceptional, and even those just getting into the activity can enjoy the true fly fishing experience.

There is something special about getting to witness wildlife. If you are not into fishing there is something else here for you, as your experience at Ski Hi Lodge will leave you more connected to wildlife than ever. Hihium Lake boasts a thriving wildlife population which includes eagles, loons, deer, and occasionally even moose or bears! Guests also have the option to partake in activities such as hiking, mountain biking, or simply relaxing and taking in nature. The tranquility and stillness of it sometimes beats all activities.

Hihium Lake is an exceptional destination that sets it apart from any other place on earth. Those who have visited Hihium can attest to its unique and remarkable qualities that make it stand out. The experience of fishing for Hihium Lake Trout is just one aspect of the overall experience. If you want to fully immerse yourself in everything that Hihium Lake has to offer, Sky Hi Lodge is the perfect accommodation choice. Some of our guests have been returning to the lodge for over three decades, and we ourselves were once guests who fell in love with the place so much that we eventually became its owners.

Boat Rentals At Hihium Lake
With hundreds of boat brands and manufacturers, there are styles and sizes of boats available for rental. So which boat is the right fit for you? It all depends on the activities you want to experience. Before renting a boat, it’s crucial to consider its condition and the rental company’s reputation so rest assured our positive track record leaves you worry free about renting. We prioritize maintenance and repairs of our boats to ensure you enjoy your day on the water.

How To Prepare For A Day Of Boat Fishing

To ensure a successful day on the water, it’s important to pack plenty of food and drinks.  You should stock up particularly on hydrating fluids since you may find yourself a bit more thirsty than before. Drinking plenty of water is essential on the boat due to the sun’s exposure, and dehydration may cause seasickness. It’s better to have more water than less. Bringing additional equipment such as water toys or fishing rods can enhance your experience, and provide some additional fun. Make sure to wear rubber-soled sneakers to maintain stability on the boat. Opt for non-marking or light-soled shoes to avoid leaving tracks on the deck. Layered clothing is recommended to provide flexibility for all weather and choose materials that dry quickly, offer warmth, and protect against the wind.

Sunscreen and polarized sunglasses are essential to shield yourself from the elements. Polarized glasses can also assist in fishing techniques and are overall a great choice. If you are prone to motion sickness, it is advisable to bring seasickness medication. For storage, bring a backpack, zip-lock bags for valuables, a small cooler for food and drinks, and a larger cooler for fish if you plan to keep your catch. For some individuals, spending an entire day on the water is a dream. However, for others, seasickness or a lack of desire to commit to a full day may be an issue. The amount of time spent onboard can influence the type, location, and quantity of fish that can be caught. It may not be realistic to expect to catch larger species through deep dropping if you only have a few hours.

Although it may sound trivial, determining how involved you want to be in the fishing trip is crucial. Would you prefer to catch your own bait, set your hook, and reel in your catch? Alternatively, would you rather leisurely cruise the waters and only take action when a fish bites? As a first-time charter angler, it is also important to decide if there are any specific techniques you wish to try. We are always here to answer your questions! Call (604)537-3099.

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