Experience Tranquility In Nature Lodge Fishing At Hihium Lake

Are you looking to get away from your daily life for a bit and reconnect with nature? Hihium Lake is a destination that is truly a one-of-a-kind place and those who have had the opportunity to visit Hihium wholeheartedly agree. Ski Hi Lodge offers you a lodge fishing resort at Hitium Lake that you will not forget and likely revisit. There is an intangible quality that makes this place truly unique and exceptional, and it has been a beloved destination for many for over 30 years with nature and wildlife waiting to awe you.

Where Is Hihium Lake?
HiHium Lake is situated within the Arrowstone hills atop the Thompson Plateau in British Columbia. The southwest and northwest shores are lined with coniferous forest consisting of engelmann spruce and lodgepole pine which keeps the air fresh and pleasant. On the west end, where HiHium creek meets the lake there is a grassy area flanked by spruce and pine. The east end is primarily low-lying swamp containing mostly willow. The foreshore of the lake is surrounded by a mix of engelmann spruce and lodgepole pine interspersed with alder and willow. The north and south shorelines are lined with fringes of sedge and both the east and west ends have areas containing water lilies, potamogeton, and sedges.

Your Perfect Location For Trout Fishing
Hihium Lake Trout Fishing is one of the many highlights of the experience. One of the things that sets Hihium Lake apart is its naturally occurring strain of Kamloops rainbow trout. To ensure that the angling pressure on this strain is kept under control, the lake is periodically stocked with additional trout. The fishing at HiHium Lake is truly excellent with rainbow trout weighing up to 3 lbs. and some reaching up to 8 lbs! The lake’s heavy aquatic vegetation provides a plentiful source of freshwater shrimp making it an ideal location for fly fishing enthusiasts.

Trout is a type of fish that typically prefer cold water and are often found in moving water or lakes. There is another species named after them called the Lake Trout. Trout are commonly stocked in streams, ponds, and other bodies of water, making them an accessible game species for fishing enthusiasts. Due to their status as a food source for wildlife trout are often found in areas where other fishing wildlife is present. The more remote the river or lake, the more likely it is that trout can be found swimming in their waters. Trout fishing can be an active and engaging experience for anglers since it blurs the line between fishing and hunting or tracking.

In some of the great lakes, trout can be found at significant depths where they can grow to enormous sizes and put up a fight almost like that of ocean fish. These trout feed on smaller fish and commonly raid their beds during the salmon spawn. Trout are the most coveted fish among fly anglers who have cultivated their own unique culture, industry, and aesthetic around catching rainbows, browns, and brook trout.

Why Do Fish Need To Be Stocked?
Fish stocking operates on a similar principle as grocery stocking, although with some differences in the specifics. It is a fish management technique that involves releasing fish that is typically bred in hatcheries into natural bodies of water. Since the public demands fish for various purposes, stocking fish allows the supply of that demand. Anglers who desire to fish for sport are the most common customers while environmentalists may also seek to replenish depleted waters in order to mitigate past habitat disruptions or restore historical fish populations. Fish stocking may also serve the needs of individuals with personal ponds or researchers conducting scientific studies.

Ski Hi Lodge sits at an altitude of 4500 ft above sea level on the southern edge of Hihium Lake, it appears as though the clouds are within arm’s reach. Hihium Lake is an extraordinary location that can only be fully appreciated after spending time there, where you can connect to nature and disconnect from all which clouds your mind. For an ideal way to immerse yourself in a tranquil atmosphere, look no further than Sky Hi Lodge Fishing Resort. Contact (604)537-3099 today to book your next getaway at our unique and dreamy ski lodge for the ultimate nature filled experience.


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